Prince George Sports Hall of Fame


  • Amanda Asay, Baseball
  • Mackenzie Cupp, Judo
  • Tim Hempsall, Speedskating
  • Ryan Howse, Hockey
  • Christine Kennedy, Basketball
  • Kenny Lally, Boxing
  • Kyle McMahon, Swimming
  • Leif Paulson, Lacrosse
  • Katie Spencer, Soccer
  • Megan Tandy, Biathlon
  • Alyx Treasure, Track and Field
  • Stefan Zwiers, Judo


  • Graham Allard, Baseball, Volleyball
  • Nick Drazenovic, Hockey
  • Leigh Dreher, Volleyball
  • Anthony Gador, Karate
  • Robert Lanenga, Volleyball
  • Marina Mavros, Boxing
  • Rob Negrin, Track and Field
  • Vicky Richards, Volleyball
  • Garrett Simm, Freestyle Skiing
  • Ryan Thibault, Volleyball


  • Andrew Thompson, Karate
  • Geoff Martinson, Track and Field
  • Cameron Swift, Track and Field
  • Johanna Hamblin, Rhythmic Gymnastics
  • Ashley Matte, Swimming
  • Nicole Schnapp, Swimming
  • Becky Pegues, Boxing
  • Amanda Ribeiro, Figure Skating
  • Jeff Dinelle, Figure Skating
  • Karien Lanenga, Volleyball


  • Curtis Berg, Boxing
  • Matt Buxton, Archery
  • Becky Dreher, Volleyball, Softball
  • Darrin Dunn, Volleyball
  • Gary Gladue, Hockey
  • Tannis McCubbin, Cross-Country Skiing
  • Katie Van Buren, Figure Skating
  • Jason Goldsmith, Figure Skating
  • Kaitlyn Woodhouse, Judo
  • Jordan Yu, Basketball, Volleyball


  • Brendon Abercrombie, Squash
  • Ashley Buchanan, Wrestling
  • Lisa Buchanan, Wrestling
  • Tara Carkner, Swimming
  • Keenan Hopson, Golf
  • Kim McNally, Soccer
  • Jennifer Simm, Freestyle Skiing
  • Brian Verigin, Swimming
  • Chris Wong, Freestyle Skiing
  • Tara Wong, Martial Arts


  • Donna Bell, Golf
  • Jacqui Benson, Cross-Country Skiing
  • Geoff Duck, Cross-Country Skiing
  • Ian Hogan, Basketball
  • Kristy Johnson, Archery
  • Jeremy King, Volleyball
  • Farrah Kohorst, Track and Field
  • Eric Roze, Track and Field
  • Andrew Sweet, Swimming
  • Michael Thompson, Track and Field

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Recent News

Call for Nominations

Jan 19, 2018

The Prince George Sports Hall of Fame will not be holding an induction banquet in 2018. Plans are in the works for 2019, and, to make the event a reality, the Prince George Sports Hall of Fame Society is requesting nominations for induction from the public.

Nominee categories include an athlete, coach, builder and administrator. Nomination forms are available for download on this site. The deadline for submitting nominations is Sept. 30, 2018.

Please help keep the Prince George Sports Hall of Fame alive. Submit your nomination today!

2016 Prince George Sports Hall of Fame Induction Banquet

Feb 9, 2016

The 2016 Prince George Sports Hall of Fame Induction Banquet was held April 30 at the Hart Community Centre.

Our inductees this year were: Orv Claffey, hockey pioneer; Charlie Ghostkeeper, fastball coach and builder; Nino Fabbro, fastball coach and builder; and Audrey Foster, baseball/hockey administrator.

The same night, we recognized 12 local athletes with Youth Excellence Awards. This year, the awards went to Tyrell Laing (basketball), Brogan O'Brien (hockey), Ryan Gaiesky (track and field), Rylan Matters (football), Josiah Binnema (swimming), Evan Bichon (snowboarding), Hallie Drezet (volleyball), Jadyn Arnett (five-pin bowling), Hannah Esopenko (swimming), Tristina Howse (wrestling), Meryeta O'Dine (snowboarding) and Lavanna Laass (judo).

Congratulations to all, and thank you to everyone who attended the banquet. A special thanks to guest speaker Andy Beesley.