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Diana Lowrie (1997)

Figure Skating Builder/Administrator

Diana Lowrie was a member of the Prince George Figure Skating Club from 1968 to 1992. During that period, she held the positions of Carnival Chairman, Costume Chairman, Secretary, Pro Liaison, Vice-President and finally Hospitality Chairman for the 1992 Western Divisional Championships held in Prince George.

Elected to the Board of Directors of the Cariboo North Central Region (figure skating) she served as Secretary and Region Chairman for a total of eight years. As an elected member of the Board of Directors of B.C. Section she held the posts of Director, Secretary, Precision Skating Chairman, B C Winter Games Provincial Advisor and Vice-President for a total of 11 years.

At the national level, Lowrie spent three years as the elected Director of the Canadian Figure Skating Association, six years on the National Precision Skating Committee (three years as Chairman) and two years as a member of the National Competition Committee. She attained Canadian Level as a Precision Skating Judge, and judged or refereed 13 Canadian Championships.

She achieved Master Trainer status in Precision Skating in 1989.

Beyond our borders, Lowrie moderated judges' seminars and served as a judge for Precision Skating events all over the globe. In addition, she sat as a member of the North American Precision Committee from 1989 to 1991.

This simple list of titles and duties cannot begin to do justice to Lowrie's hard work and dedication on behalf of the Canadian figure skating community, and more so her efforts to raise the profile of Precision Skating at home and around the world. All we can say is, if she were not inducted into the Prince George Sports Hall of Fame, she would at least win some kind of award for the city’s biggest collection of hats.

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